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x264_ratecontrol_t Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

double accum_p_norm
double accum_p_qp
int b_2pass
int b_abr
int b_vbv
int b_vbv_min_rate
int bframe_bits
int bframes
double bitrate
double buffer_fill
int64_t buffer_fill_final
double buffer_rate
double buffer_size
double cbr_decay
double cplxr_sum
double expected_bits_sum
int64_t filler_bits_sum
double fps
float frame_size_estimated
double frame_size_maximum
double frame_size_planned
uint64_t hrd_multiply_denom
int i_zones
int initial_cpb_removal_delay
int initial_cpb_removal_delay_offset
double ip_offset
double last_accum_p_norm
int last_non_b_pict_type
double last_qscale
double last_qscale_for [3]
double last_rceq
int last_satd
double lmax [3]
double lmin [3]
double lstep
int nmb
double nrt_first_access_unit
int num_entries
FILE * p_mbtree_stat_file_in
FILE * p_mbtree_stat_file_out
FILE * p_stat_file_out
double pb_offset
double previous_cpb_final_arrival_time
char * psz_mbtree_stat_file_name
char * psz_mbtree_stat_file_tmpname
char * psz_stat_file_tmpname
double qcompress
int qp
uint16_t * qp_buffer [2]
int qp_constant [3]
int qp_force
float qp_novbv
float qpa_aq
float qpa_rc
int qpbuf_pos
float qpm
double rate_factor_constant
double rate_factor_max_increment
double rate_tolerance
predictor_t(* row_pred )[2]
predictor_t row_preds [3][2]
double short_term_cplxcount
double short_term_cplxsum
int single_frame_vbv
double slice_size_planned
double vbv_max_rate
double wanted_bits_window

Detailed Description

Definition at line 72 of file ratecontrol.c.

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