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Public Attributes

x264_frame Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int b_corrupt
int b_duplicate
uint8_t b_fdec
int b_intra_calculated
int b_kept_as_ref
int b_keyframe
uint8_t b_last_minigop_bframe
int b_scenecut
pixel * buffer [4]
pixel * buffer_lowres [4]
x264_pthread_cond_t cv
x264_sei_t extra_sei
float f_pir_position
double f_planned_cpb_duration [X264_LOOKAHEAD_MAX+1]
float f_qp_avg_aq
float f_qp_avg_rc
float * f_qp_offset
float * f_qp_offset_aq
float * f_row_qp
float f_weighted_cost_delta [X264_BFRAME_MAX+2]
pixel * filtered [4]
x264_hrd_t hrd_timing
uint8_t i_bframes
int i_coded
int i_coded_fields_lookahead
int i_cost_est [X264_BFRAME_MAX+2][X264_BFRAME_MAX+2]
int i_cost_est_aq [X264_BFRAME_MAX+2][X264_BFRAME_MAX+2]
int i_cpb_delay
int i_cpb_delay_lookahead
int i_cpb_duration
int i_dpb_output_delay
int64_t i_dts
int i_duration
int i_field_cnt
int i_frame
int i_frame_num
int i_frames_since_pir
uint16_t * i_intra_cost
int i_intra_mbs [X264_BFRAME_MAX+2]
uint16_t * i_inv_qscale_factor
int i_lines [2]
int i_lines_completed
int i_lines_lowres
int i_lines_weighted
int i_pic_struct
int i_pir_end_col
int i_pir_start_col
uint64_t i_pixel_ssd [3]
uint32_t i_pixel_sum [3]
int i_plane
int i_planned_satd [X264_LOOKAHEAD_MAX+1]
uint8_t i_planned_type [X264_LOOKAHEAD_MAX+1]
int i_poc
int i_poc_l0ref0
uint16_t * i_propagate_cost
int64_t i_pts
int i_qpplus1
int i_ref [2]
int i_reference_count
int64_t i_reordered_pts
int * i_row_bits
int * i_row_satd
int * i_row_satds [X264_BFRAME_MAX+2][X264_BFRAME_MAX+2]
int i_satd
int i_stride [2]
int i_stride_lowres
int i_type
int i_width [2]
int i_width_lowres
uint16_t * integral
int16_t inv_ref_poc [2]
pixel * lowres [4]
uint16_t *[X264_BFRAME_MAX+2][X264_BFRAME_MAX+2] lowres_costs
int * lowres_mv_costs [2][X264_BFRAME_MAX+1]
int16_t(*[2][X264_BFRAME_MAX+1] lowres_mvs )[2]
uint8_t * mb_partition
int8_t * mb_type
x264_pthread_mutex_t mutex
int16_t(*[2] mv )[2]
int16_t(* mv16x16 )[2]
struct x264_frameorig
pixel * plane [2]
int8_t * ref [2]
int ref_poc [2][X264_REF_MAX]
x264_weight_t weight [X264_REF_MAX][3]
pixel * weighted [X264_REF_MAX]

Detailed Description

Definition at line 35 of file frame.h.

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